Training Outline

Getting Started: Introduction (10 minutes)

  • To start this session, have Transparency 1 on the screen.
  • Make sure “Ground Rules” are still clearly visible to participants and that other flipchart papers are not covering them.
  • Provide participants with a general overview of the learning objectives for this session using Transparency 2.
  • Remind participants that you will log questions in the “Parking Lot” that arise during the seminar which may or may not be relevant to the topic being discussed. The Parking Lot concept is a tool an instructor can use to record questions or issues that come up during the course of instruction. For inquiries that are relevant to the topic at hand but that will be discussed later it validates the learner’s inquiry and sets the context that it will be discussed later. For issues that are not relevant, it still validates the learner’s inquiry and also provides an important cue for you as the instructor to make sure to meet with this individual at another time to possibly provide information and referral on that particular topic if it is not addressed in the training.