Online Resources

As the official web site for the International Labour Organization, this page contains much important and useful information. In particular, the ‘About Us’ section has links to the history, membership, and structure of the ILO, as well as a link to the objectives and constitution of the organization, including an online version of the “Declaration of Philadelphia” of May 1944. Furthermore, the web site has pages with Labour statistics, a link to the International Institute for Labour Studies, and an entire section on employment, to name a few.

This web site has an entire section focused on links to human rights organizations all over the world. This web site is run by the Human Rights Web, and also has links to the UN and government human rights sites. In addition, there are also regional and national human rights organizations and resources broken down by world region.

Part of the Disability Rights Education Defense Fund web site, this page is a directory of disability non-discrimination laws from countries all over the world. The site contains links to an online version of the legislation, and the directory includes countries such as Columbia, Fiji, Madagascar, and Thailand.,,

This web page is operated by the World Bank and focuses on disability with important links and resources concerning publications and reports available online. The web page has disability issues broken down by world region, as well as resources on specific disability topics, such as gender or poverty. Some of these publications cover the topics of managing disability in the workplace.

This web site represents the International Labour Organization (ILO)'s Disability Programme in Asia and the Pacific Region highlighting project activities; employers and workers; standards and rights; national laws and information as well as publications.