Key Concepts

It is critical to support potential policy makers in crafting innovative disability equal employment opportunity legislation, by providing them with a solid foundation of basic concepts. This module presents a two-pronged definition for equal employment opportunity – prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of disability, and affirmative action to ensure that people with disabilities have access to employment opportunities. A Primer on how disability can be incorporated into legislation is provided along with two approaches for defining disability; the Primer Achieving equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities through legislation. Guidelines, is available at:

The successful presentation of the content in this module is contingent on how well you, the instructor, provide a solid values-based context for the information to be presented – providing course participants an opportunity to explore and challenge their own values and beliefs’ systems regarding the experience of disability. An important question for participants to answer is where they feel the experience of disability stems from – is it inherent to the individual or the environment? Exercises are suggested in the trainer’s outline below in order to assist students in exploring their beliefs in this area.