Identifying and Packaging Supplemental Information

Quality materials are an important element of any training programme. While course participants may forget some of the instruction almost immediately, the information and resources provided will serve as useful tools later on. Bear in mind, reference tools are not just the participant training manual, but may also include other materials such as articles, informational brochures, web page references, bibliographies, and other quick reference guides. A good rule to follow is to ensure that, for every learning objective designed, participants have some sort of resource they can take home with them for future reference. While instructors often rely on a training manual for this, it can also be successfully accomplished using some of the suggestions given above.

As you package your materials together, bear in mind accessibility and usability of information provided. In developing corresponding supplemental overheads and transparencies, make sure to include a full citation for the materials you have provided, so that participants can access the information at a later time. This step allows the trainee not only to hear and see the information, but also to find and get a feel for it – covering the entire primary learning modes.